The potential market for this solution is constantly growing because it can be applied to various machines and engines in an array of industries. The global market for thermal management is expected to reach over $14 BILLION USD in 2021.

An excellent example of an industry that our Molecular Fan technology is positioned to gain excellent is the aviation thermal management sector. This particular sector by itself is worth $800 MILLION USD today.
  • Aerospace – Aviation system thermal management solutions must have extremely specific requirements which include being reliable, having an acceptable weight & volume that falls within a stringent operating window. In commercial aircraft, carbon-carbon heat sinks last approx. 1,350 cycles and cost $13,500 to replace.
  • Vehicles – Applying the Molecular Fan coating on non-abrasion surfaces of the carbon brakes will hasten the cooling of the assembly and allow for smaller heat sinks, resulting in weight savings as well as decreased maintenance costs. Although the precise savings are determined by design of entire wheel and brake assembly, it is expected the contrast will be substantial.
  • Spacecraft – Satellites and other advanced space equipment are highly complex systems which all require reliably cooling solutions. Cost savings from Molecular Fan’s weight reduction capability for the launch of a typical communications satellite in GEO orbit is projected to be in the range of $2,000,000 USD.
Inefficiencies in electrical power management ultimately translate into increased challenges to the thermal management system. Significant thermal management is required at all levels of power management; generation, distribution, conversion power electronics (PE).